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Gift and Craft Shop, which started in the Yorkshire Dales in 2018, brings together beautiful gifts, hand picked for you and thoughtfully developed craft kits - to be handmade by you.

I'm Rachel and Gift and Craft Shop is my passion-project.


The gift shop began as part of my cafe 'Riverbank' in the beautiful village of Burnsall.  I started off by selecting items that were not only beautiful, but useful, colourful, contemporary, stylish and different.  Often handmade, local, ethical and witty. It's a real joy to hear someone laugh out loud at a card or gift I've chosen for my shop.


The craft part of Gift and Craft Shop is a real leap of faith, and it's emerging from a whole load of personal beliefs:

I believe that traditional crafts; knitting, crochet, sewing, macrame, quilting, cross-stitch, are fading away.


I believe there is huge personal benefit in keeping them alive.  That sitting down with a project, and creating something with care and love, to either keep or give away, is a process that is as soothing as it is rewarding.

I believe we all love to receive something that's been made for us.

And finally I hope, that like me, there are people out there who have a grasp of the basics and would love to pick up a kit containing everything they need to make something simple, but something they would be proud to keep forever.

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